Debtor and Creditor Finance solutions are key elements in Cash Flow Financing.


Debtor Finance / Invoice Financing / Invoice Funding / Factoring

Invoice Financing accelerates Cash Flow by means of Invoice funding.

The concept is a relatively simple one: Your business would issue an Invoice to your customer as normal. We would facilitate (through Invoice funding) to advance your business 80% of the Invoice value. Once you customer settles the Invoice, the remainding 20% less fees are settled with your business.

Consult with us on options and facilities available and suitable to your business and industry type.



Also consider using Trade Finance and Creditor Finance in conjuction with Debtor Finance as a funding strategy to unlock trade potential in your business.


Trade and Creditor Finance

Creditor Finance allows your business to finance the big item costs and smooth out the cash outflow over a period of time. Push out the repayment of your suppliers with a structured repayment term arranged by us.


Hudson Gray Capital and Financial Services places Debtor and Creditor Finance Solutions exclusively with First Class Capital who specialise in unsecured finance solutions for business.



Invoice Funding as a Cash Flow Strategy for your Business


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