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Hudson Gray Home Loans exists to enable brokers to build their own financial security whilst helping others to achieve theirs.

It has been created to take the power and wealth away from the few in the finance sector, and redistribute it across the many brokers who work tirelessly for their employers and clientele.

We believe in this industry, and we believe the financial rewards are not currently shared fairly across the industry participants. HG has been created to change that. We will strive for equality, fairness and security for all. And will shun all forms of corporate greed, and will never allow fear to compromise our values.

We plan to achieve this by thinking, acting, and being different. We will in every possible way, challenge the status quo, and always put our brokers interests above all others, including our own


We are passionate about our clients, our brand ...and our ability to give professional and expert advice to suit.

Whether you are securing your first home loan, acquiring an Investment Property or reviewing your current mortgage, engage with Hudson Gray to guide you through the process and secure your loan.




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