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BAS bill pending? Cash tight? Learn how Creditor Finance may assist.

Creditors for your business, simply put, are your suppliers, your landlord, the ATO, your telephone bill, your gas / water and lights bill, etc.

These bills (Creditors) need payment according to terms offered to your business. Your business may experience cash flow stress if sales income lag sometime after cash has left the business to pay the Creditors.

Consider Creditor Finance. This is where your Creditors are paid by means of a Finance Facility. Having the bills (Creditors) paid via a Finance Facility allows the business to push out payments over a period of time which protects the Cash Flow up until Sales Income flows in.

Creditor Finance is particularly useful with imports, seasonal sales cycles marked by a downturn in sales, funding project work, purchasing stock for resale, etc.

Benefits for your business:

- Pay outstanding bills via a Finance Facility which allows repayment of the facility over time

- Pay local and overseas suppliers (Importers, Exporters or Local Trade)

- Get early payment discounts from suppliers or volume discounts for larger orders

- Pay the ATO e.g. BAS bills

- Fund large projects whist remaining Cash Flow positive

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