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Access Cash for your business by means of Invoice funding. Learn how debtor funding can assist in a

It’s an old adage that you need money to make money. In other words, you need money to invest in order to grow your wealth. Unless you inherit a fortune at a young age, this inevitably necessitates borrowing money at some stage to buy a home or start a business. Debt shouldn’t be a dirty word, and the vital deciding factor is your skills at debt management.

Maxing out credit cards on holidays, dining out and high fashion, for instance, accumulates bad debt. Bad debt as you have not spent the borrowed money on growth assets and it has to be paid back at high interest rates. A home loan, on the other hand, is good debt. You are paying off a growth asset while saving putting dead money into renting a home.

When you own and run a business you need to be smart about debt. Debt allows you to start your business and to build it at crucial times. You need to aim for and maintain ‘efficient debt’, debt that allows you to acquire assets that have the potential to grow in value and generate assessable income.

You also need to maintain a steady cashflow so you can service your debts. If your customers are late paying their invoices owing to you, then problems can arise paying your invoices from suppliers, loan repayments, wages and other expenses and a cashflow crisis can occur.

Using debtor finance is a solution. Debtor finance can be used to fund slow-paying invoices, which in turn improves your business cashflow and provides the funds to pay your business expenses.

Debtor finance works like a revolving line of credit, financing batches of invoices as available funds and adjusting regularly as customers pay their invoices and your business raises new invoices.

Speak to Hudson Gray how Invoice Funding can be used for your business.

www.hudsongrayfinance.com or call 1300 761 474

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